Since my cancer treatment began in 2005 I’ve been seeing Professor Davidson every few months, at the Rivers hospital in Sawbridgeworth, Herts.

 A few days before each appointment, I have a blood test at the Pinehill hospital in Hitchin, Herts (because that’s only a few minutes drive from home) and the results are sent to the Prof in time for our appointment.

 There’s a substance in blood, called CA15.3, which is a tumour marker.  I think its normal value is under 50.

 On Thursday 7th April 2011, I had my blood test, and saw the Prof on Tuesday 12th April.  My CA15.3 was slightly raised, at 55.  So I had a PET/CT scan at the Rivers on Thursday 14th April – the report came back clear – no abnormal activity.

 My next appointment was in July, so on  Tuesday 12th I had my blood test, and on Tuesday 19th July I saw the Prof.  My CA15.3 was up to nearly 300, so on  Thursday 21st I had another PET/CT scan.  I saw the Prof again on Tuesday 26th July, and the results this time were bad news – my breast cancer had metastasised – come to life again – in various places.  So chemotherapy is needed as soon as possible.

 On Friday 29th July, my BUPA cancer nurse came to my home to take my blood for a test (this one was to show a level of 494), and on Monday 1st August 2011 she came to administer the first chemo treatment.

 I’ll write about what drugs I’m having, and how often, next time.


Well, if I wait until I know what I’m doing I’ll never get started.  So I’ll just jump in and ramble, and hope it makes sense.

The reason I’m writing this blog is that I’ve got cancer.  Again.  Soddit.

I will make another page in the blog, with brief details of what happened last time round – that was six years ago.  I’ll also post some of the messages I sent then, to let people know what was going on, how it affected me, and how I felt.

Many, many people, then and now, have sent me their good wishes, prayers and sympathy – family, friends, online acquaintances – lovely people all of them.  Rather than send individual updates, I thought I’d keep a sort of diary here, and anyone interested can just dip in whenever they feel like it; and I won’t keep repeating myself and forgetting what I’ve told to whom.

I’ll welcome comments, and reply if I can; you can send me e-mails if you’d rather, to margeryburgh at o2 dot co dot uk.  I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, so those avenues aren’t open.

Enough for now – let’s see if I can find out how to make extra pages.


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  • plum cox: I hope, really really hope, that you manage to beat the b*gg*r again and that this time it stays beat. I'm sending you a big hug (but gentle in case
  • Kandy N: Good to see you started the blog. I hope it helps you to get through this. x
  • Elaine Fowler: Good to see your blog up & running Margery, Do hope all is going well & the chemo is not as drastic as last time.will look forward to the nex